Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Replace the Battery in a Chevy Avalanche

  • Step1 Look for the battery on the driver's side under the hood near the wall. Remove cover and disconnect the harness that holds the battery in place. Remove the cable ends from the battery terminals with a battery terminal puller. Take off the ground and set it aside so it's not touching any metal. Remove the negative terminal first, followed by the positive.
  • Step2 Lift the battery out of the compartment. Use the wire brush to clean the surface that holds the battery. Clean the insides of the connector cables with a pointed wire brush. Keep your gloves on at all times to avoid getting acid on your hands.
  • Step3 Rinse off cables and battery tray or wipe with damp cloth and let them dry out.
  • Step4 Place the new battery on the shelf. Reattach cables. Tighten securely with pliers or a socket wrench. Replace the battery holder and cover.
  • Step5 Consider installing a dual battery kit for more electrical draw and more power to work winches, trailers and other accessories.
    Things You’ll Need:
  • 16-volt high performance battery or dual battery kit

  • Battery terminal puller

  • Wire brush

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Socket wrench

  • Gloves

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aliah said...

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